LightUp v6

Free LightUp Web Player

The LightUp Web Player enables realtime navigation of your LightUp Player content right inside your browser. Simply export your lit SketchUp models to a LightUp Player (.luca) file and share your work with others on the web using the free LightUp browser plugin.

No more dull still images for your website - now you have full 3d interactivity using the state-of-the-art anti-aliased shaded geometry.

The LightUp Web Player is a free download that complements the standalone LightUp Player.

Any web URL you have embedded in the .luca file will be honored - users that click on the watermark in the corner will be taken to another page of your choice.

Click on the Play button on the left to start a looped animation. Or take the controls and fly around yourself.

  • - Multisampling AA
    - Specular reflections
    - Skybox support
    - Dynamic lighting
    - Custom watermark embedding
    - Bloom
    - Depth of Field
    - Styled outlines
    - Animated Textures
    - Post color tinting

  • Look out for further details!