LightUp v6

Hidden Line Removal

The following tutorial shows how to create high resolution, hidden line removal (HLR) images using LightUp's "Color By Layer" support.

We start with a SketchUp model of a House with the material already assigned.

First thing we're going to do is set SketchUp to "Color By Layer" so we can quickly set all the materials of the model to a small number of colors without upsetting the material assignment we have done.

This is going to color our model with a single Layer color that we've chosen.

We want to use LightUp's high resolution rendering but we don't want any lighting, so we'll choose a simple "Constant Ambient" mode.

We've chosen Constant and set the Multiplier to 1.0. Start Tourtool and in a few seconds you'll get:

Now we want to draw the outlines of faces, so we can use LightUp's "Stroke" feature to realtime adjust the thickness of an anti-aliased line around the geometry.

If you move the slider around, you'll get something like shown below. You may want to adjust your camera view also.

Bring up the Capture dialog and choose your output resolution from the dropdown menu and press the "Still" button to save. Here we're using 3840x2160 but LightUp can generate much larger if necessary.

Rendering the output will take a second or two and you have your high resolution, hidden line removed image.
Click for Fullsize image

All Done.