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IES Files

All lighting manufacturers, for each light fitting they offer, provide an IES file.
These exactly capture the light that is emitted in every direction.
You will need to download a selection of IES files and store them in a folder on your computer. Use the LightUp QueryTool to click on a PointLightSource and browse to where you stored the IES files, and choose the style you like. A video tutorial showing using IES files is available here.

PHILIPS Lighting

American Electric Lighting

ERCO Lighting

IES Manufacturer Library

IES Utilities

These Mac Finder and Windows Explorer enable viewing a small thumbnail of IES files without opening them that appears next to the file name.

They are FREE of charge.

QuickLook IES Preview Explorer IES Preview
FREE! Convert GoBO Image to an IES file. (JPG,PNG,BMP)
Email IES file results to: