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Frequently Asked Questions

Manual remove LightUp on Macintosh
Open Finder
In the dialog “Go to Folder” enter: ~/Library
Navigate to Application Support/SketchUp 20XX/SketchUp/Plugins
Remove folder “lightup” and file “lightup.rb
What is the minimum spec for running LightUp
LightUp runs inside SketchUp, so if SketchUp runs on your computer, LightUp will generally run too.
What is your upgrade policy?
We have 2 licenses:

Annual License gets you the latest version of LightUp and all bug fix release during your license period.

Perpetual License gets you the latest major release of LightUp and never expires. eg If you purchase LightUp v5.x you can use it indefinitely with the version of Sketchup you have at the time of purchase.

However, this does not mean you are paying once for all future versions of LightUp, for all future versions of SketchUp, forever.

You can choose (but are not obliged) to upgrade to the latest vesion of LightUp if you change versions of SketchUp.
Why is my RegKey not accepted?
The most likely cause is you have another copy of LightUp installed. Remove all copies of LightUp first, launch SketchUp and confirm there is no LightUp loading, then install the new .rbz file.

On Windows, use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel to remove older LightUp installs, and also check in:
  • {HOME FOLDER}/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp 2016/Sketchup/Plugins/lightup
  • C:Program DataSketchUp/SketchUp 2016/SketchUp/Plugins/lightup
  • C:Program FilesSketchUp/SketchUp 2016/Tools/lightup

If the AppData folder is hidden, in Explorer, you can type %appdata% in the filename bar to show it

On Macintosh check in:
  • /Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2016/Sketchup/Plugin/lightup
Installing on SketchUp 8
Older versions of SketchUp do not have .rbz support so you can add ".zip" to the download and double-click to open it. The file lightup.rb and folder lightup can then be copied to your Plugins folder.
How do I get rid of black spots in render?

You are using Incremental Render mode which is a DRAFT mode that allows you to change settings and instantly get updated rendering. The DRAFT mode is lower quality and can have black spots in tight corners or with small faces on surfaces.

Once you are happy with the settings and lighting, uncheck Incremental Render, and do a full lighting bake - which takes longer but has much higher quality.

My Upgrade RegKey is not working!

When you upgrade LightUp, you get a new Installer AND a new RegKey. You must run the new installer.

Login, go to Downloads and in Your Purchase History you can download the installer.

How do I install LightUp on Windows

We use the built-in SketchUp Extension installer rather than our own installer.

So Uninstall ALL versions of LightUp using Add/Remove programs from Control Panel.

  • 1. Launch SketctUp 2015/6
  • 2. Open menu Window->Preferences
  • 3. Click on Extensions
  • 4. Click on Install Extensions...
  • 5. Choose the .rbz file you downloaded from LightUp.
How can I re-download my Retail LightUp
Login, go to Downloads and in "Your Purchase History" you will see your Installer and Registration Key.
I have forgotten my DEMO Registration Key
Login, go to Downloads and you will see a reminder of your DEMO Registration Key.
Can I scale PointLightSources
Yes, you can scale the PointLightSource component without changing its lighting power.
How do I change field of view
While in TourTool, hold down Ctrl (Alt on Mac) and drag mouse up and down to change the field of view.
How do I position backdrop
While in TourTool, hold down Ctrl (Alt on Mac) and drag mouse left and right to rotate the backdrop.
How do I add a backdrop
Open the LightUp Preferences in and in the Viewing section, click on the yellow box to choose a Skybox image.
How do I turn off all Area emitters
Open the LightUp Preferences and in the Lighting section, uncheck "Use Area Lights"
How do turn off all PointLights
By default LightUp adds new PointLightSources to a Sketchup Layer called "LU_lights". Use the SketchUp Layers dialog to show/hide the layer.
How do use just some of my PointLights
By default LightUp adds new PointLightSources to a Sketchup Layer called "LU_lights". You can select groups of lights and re-assign them to other Sketchup Layers allowing you to quickly select different lighting setups by showing/hiding those layers.
How to make clay renders
In LightUp Preferences Lighting section, choose Ambient Occlusion, set the Color Bleed to 0.0 and Multiplier to 1.0
Area Emitter gives hotspots/dark areas
Hotspots on surfaces nearby area emitters indicate under sampling - LightUp is not getting enough information about the emitter. Using the QueryTool, click on the emitter and increase its Density from 1.0 (default). Try 4.0 or even 8.0 should resolve the issue.
How to change brightness
While in Tourtool, open the LightUp Preferences and in the Lighting section, move the sider next to "Intensity" to change the lighting brightness. Use the Color Adjust dialog for adjusting overall tone and exposure.
How do I outline edges of my model
While in Tourtool, open LightUp Preferences and in the Viewing section, move the slider next to "Stroke" to change width. You can also change the slider scale in the menu Tools->LightUp->Settings->Stroke Width Multiplier
How do I get started / place a light
1. Select the QueryTool
2. Click somewhere in your model to place a PointLightSource component.
3. Click on the PointLightSource to edit color and power
4. Press TourTool to see the results.
My Color Adjust sliders are all grayed out
When running LightUp in "Simple Rendering" mode, these functions are not available. You can be running in "Simple Rendering" mode because:
1.Your card cannot support advanced rendering
2. You have checked the menu Tools->LightUp->Graphics->Force Simple Rendering
What version of LightUp am I using
At the bottom of the LightUp Preferences dialog it shows the version and in brackets the build number.
How can I show OpenGL info
Open the Ruby console (Windows->Ruby console) and select menu Tools->LightUp->Graphics->OpenGL Info to display all the features supported by your graphics card being used by SketchUp.
What does 'OpenGL not sufficient' mean
When LightUp starts up, it check your OpenGL graphics card features. If it cannot find basic functionality, you will see this message. Most likely you have unchecked "Use Hardware Acceleration" in SketchUp->OpenGL preferences.
How do I get the latest installer
Login to LightUp, go to Downloads and in your Purchase History, you can download the installer to get the latest version.
How do I re-download my installer
You can login to LightUp, go to Downloads and at the bottom of the page enter your Registration Key to re-download the installer.
I have not received my Registration Key
Your Registration Key is shown on-screen when you download and is also emailed to you.
Check your SPAM folder for the Welcome to LightUp email.

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