LightUp v6

LightUp for SketchUp Plugin

SketchUp has never looked so good

Use LightUp to generate Daylight, Sky Factor (SF) and Vertical Sky Component (VSC) renders. Generate Daily/Monthly/Seasonal Sunlight and Insolation studies in realtime right inside the SketchUp window.
With an easy-to-use interface, LightUp instantly illuminates your models, providing instant feedback so you can see how your design looks with realistic lighting effects in real-time. Download the free trial to experience LightUp for yourself.

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Welcome to true real-time rendering

LightUp is the only SketchUp renderer that uses object-based rendering. This means you get stunningly accurate and beautiful results instantly inside the SketchUp window.

The speed of LightUp makes it perfect for the way designers work. You can tweak and iterate your models and immediately see results. There's no waiting around for minutes or hours as with old-fashioned ray-tracing renderers.

Move the camera around your model and watch everything render perfectly in real time.

Create fly-through movies and export a file that can be played by your clients in their web browser.

Whether you're working on product visualisations, architectural designs or immersive 3D experiences, LightUp gives you speed, quality and simplicity in a single SketchUp extension.

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