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Low Resolution Renders

Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2020 5:58 pm
by stroudey
Hi. I am always building cardboard units for one of our clients that need to be of good quality. But recently I have noticed any new renders are very low res. The units usually contain products that have been previously created in SketchUp with perfect results in LightUp. However, when I use these products in new cardboard units, the textures on the product render perfectly but the textures on the cardboard unit render low res. I have tried it with Dynamic Resolution both on and off and get the same result. I have increased the lighting resolution to 2cm with no effect and also switched on the OpenGL 'Use maximum texture size' but nothing is improving the render. All of my textures are 300dpi RGB. I have attached two pictures of before and after the render. Hope this helps. Thanks, Stroudey.