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Export problems

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Hello, Just got a demo to see if LightUp can solve my problem. Cant make it work. need your help.

I need to create a model with shadows backed into it.
(Why? For our Urban Planning photogrammetry we use a 3d player that doesnt cast shadows (similar to Google Earth). It shows the environmental model with the shadows already baked into it by the real sun. I can add an .obj model of my design to the environmental model. However, my design looks bleak because there are no real shadows and all faces are lit evenly)

My hope was to bake shadows with LightUP. Export to DAE, convert to .obj and combine this model with baked shadows into the enviromental model.

However, my demo exports only FBX (no big deal) but no baked shadows in exported models. More then that, if I add lights, and try to open FBX the Mootools 3d Viewer says that the file is empty. Delete, light -opens but pure geometry. Once I could see the AO but no Cast shadows.

I have 2 questions:
#1. Can I achive my goal with Light UP at all?
#2. If yes, what am I doing wrong and why I cant export DAE?
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