Signage Design

Post your LightUp images here!
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Signage Design

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I guess its about time I posted some work here.

We use LU for interactive presentations of both Architecture and Signage design, here are some Luca examples

The Ecopark model is a 19mb Luca - the sign surface is a perforated metal and highly complex mesh but on my GTX970 I am still able to flyaround in the client presentation - LU render took about 10 minutes

The other two images are from a Hotel under construction in Vientiane. Again we rendered the full exterior model with all external signs in LU, again about 40Mb SU model. [about 25 minutes at 250mm res ] the Luca file is 19Mb.

I'd post the Luca files here but cannot figure out the obtuse upload process [ would not accepte luca file attachments]
LUCA sign detail-2.JPG
LUCA sign detail-2.JPG (386.16 KiB) Viewed 21420 times
LUCA sign detail-1.JPG
LUCA sign detail-1.JPG (486.34 KiB) Viewed 21420 times
LUCA sign detail.JPG
LUCA sign detail.JPG (336.14 KiB) Viewed 21420 times
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Re: Signage Design

Post by griffith »

I would like to see the luca file. Why don't you use dropbox or google drive and share a link with the community. May you send me your luca file to

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