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Hello crowd!

I am in a slight confusion: does animation exist in this plug-in? Specifically, I need very simple animation from SketchUp, how do I do that? I have set scenes in SU, I lit them, and now save them as video? I haven't seen any tuts, only brief mention, not sure I understand how it is done.

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Re: Animation?

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Hi Lesya
It's been awhile since I used Lightup but I did use it a lot to create animations. I don't have it loaded any more on my computer so I can't refer to the actual interface but I did find a very old PDF of instructions:

First setup all your scenes in SketchUp
Using the drop-down menu,under CAPTURE, choose the movie resolution , then choose from the options:
Motion blur
LightUp performs a dynamic “Temporal anti-aliasing” process during movie recording
to ensure fast moving parts of the model relative to the camera are smoothed. We use
a sum of absolute difference to determine motion and temporally oversample 32 times.
Regardless of movie aspect ration, force a 16:9 aspect ratio by blanking out top and
bottom of the movie.
Image Sequence
Rather than save the movie in a AVI container,this will output a numbered sequence of still
images. This is useful for importing into other video packages that do not accept AVI
Then Trigger Anim
When movie recording begins, automatically start any Scene animation.

Loop Anim
By default SketchUp Scene animation loops forever. You can unset this to ensure that
your Scene animation plays through once only and automatically stops your movie
Clicking on the “Movie..” button will prompt for a filename to save the output and
commence recording. A red flashing symbol “REC” will appear in the top-left corner during
recording. Any animation from your Scene transitions, or navigation using the mouse and
keyboard are being recorded. When you wish to finish the recording, press <return> on
the keyboard and LightUp will encode your movie into the AVI filename you chose.
Exiting TourTool mode by pressing Escape or choosing another SketchUp tool will
abort movie recording.
The last class of image outputs LightUp can generate are Cubic / Skybox image sets and
Panoramas. The resolution of the output is set in the menu:
Tools->LightUp->Settings->Cubemap Resolution.
The drop-down menu chooses the format of the output: skybox with common naming, a
single strip or 360 Panoramas.

As I recall there are times shown at the bottom of the screen that estimates how long the recording will take-which is usually a long time if there are numerous scenes to process.
Hope that all of this helps somewhat

You may want to contact this user - Their animations are fantastic
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