License Info?

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Chris Cuddy
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License Info?

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Hello, I am new to LightUp. I just heard about it yesterday, installed the demo, loved what I saw, and now I'm preparing a presentation to show the bosses the program. I need to know how the license works. I did a search for "license info" on this forum and was informed that the word "license" would be ignored (so frustrating!!). But I did find a few post and what I saw was: it is one license per user. But I also saw that a sole user can have LightUp on a desktop and a laptop. Now, to my questions..

1.) If I buy ONE license of LightUp, can I install Lightup on as many computers as I want, being that I am the sole user?

2.) Is the license a "floating license"? At our company there is a need for a program like Lightup, but we would probably never have multiple users using the program at the same time. So, could we buy ONE license, install Lightup on multiple machines, and ONLY have one user using Lightup at any given time??

Ideally, we would like to buy 2 or 3 licenses so that 2 or 3 users could work with LightUp at any given time. But, we want to be able to choose which 2 or 3 people can use the product. This all goes back to the "floating License" thing. If we buy 2 licenses, one for JohnQ and one for JaneD, can ZachF and JoeBob use those two licenses in the event that John and Jane are gone one day?

Thank you for any reply,
Chris Cuddy
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Re: License Info?

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Did you ever get a response on this?
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