Kingsi awesome yet very demanding wishlist

Features you'd like to see in future versions, gripes, ideas..
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Kingsi awesome yet very demanding wishlist

Post by kingsi » Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:49 am

:roll: Probably gonna hate me for these suggestions Adam

1. When gravity is selected to be used with viewer can we set the height of the person walking about. I just made a test model with a window and when I walked up to the window I swear I was 3 foot tall lol.

2. Lightup has many options which is great. Would it be possible to have some kind of brief description of function to appear in a bubble as a help when the mouse hovers over. (I am talking brief one liners) + the option of switching it on/off

3. Templates for player with functionality like sun position, time of day (sorry for harping on about this)

4. A way to switch lights on and off in the .luca player. (especially nice for interior models)

5. when browsing for a file is it possible to use the windows browser with the option of thumbs. I have thousands of materials, files, models and it can be a right pain trying to find the correct bump map etc.

6. animated doors for internal walkthroughs

Just some ideas that I would like. Kingsi

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