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How to make this look better?

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:52 pm
by gadget
I like the results so far, but there are a couple of issues that I feel could be improved on but don't know how:
  • A: The light source for the stove is a flickering light just in front of the face. The area behind the stove seems to be hit with the same light and flickers - it should be in shadow, hidden by the stove's body.
  • B: The sun setting is off, the time/shadows is set to midnight. (If I set the backdrop lightness to 0 it will be black). The outside fence should be almost hidden in darkness.
  • C: The windows have strange dark shadows; the recessed 'frame' section is really dark and the 'sash' section is darker than it should be.
  • D: The ceiling has the same texture ('default') as the walls, but is picking up a lot of reflective colour. The recessed ceiling light "light" has the face set to emit so that it is bright - is there any setting to add a bloom to it?
  • E: The shadows are really dark horizontally on the ceiling compared to the vertical shadows - any way to smooth them out or make them less prominent?
  • F: The skirting is way bright compared to the wall and the horizontal shadow against the wall seems really dark.
  • G: The opening between rooms has been built as two groups (the house and the new extension) but they are on the same plane - any way to remove the visible joins?
I'm also finding the reflections on the kitchen units are not actually reflecting the kitchen - they seem to be from somewhere within the room (showing some barstools that are in the room rather than the kitchen). The TV reflection is also not right. It seemed to be OK before I added the IrrCache to the floor and barstool plinth.
And the worktop should be 'formica' but it seems to be weirdly lit.