WIP Office Floor / Techniques to improve my model

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WIP Office Floor / Techniques to improve my model

Post by griffith » Fri Aug 22, 2014 5:17 pm

Hello, everybody I would like to share with all of you what I did 2 days ago, I'm new at lightup and been using it for 2 weeks, (trial version is running out of time :| ) it has been in certain ways easy and complicated (couldn't find yet how to use properly Irrcache :x ) but in general everything has been a great and fun experience. I decided to use lightup in my latest project in it was the best decision I could have take. After purchasing Light-up Ipad App I realized how easy I could deliver to my clients my projects without having to give them 2D stills but allowing them to explore the project in real time 3D. The result was fantastic. I used to do the same thing with my laptop Asus G74SX but it's a big piece of hardware and not so handy at all. Anyway the point is that I'm still learning Lightup, I'm enjoying it and I would like to share my project and also hear your comments on how to improve my models or what are the best techniques to get better results (sorry if this thread belong to Tutorials board).

Hope to hear from any of you. :D






Notice the blackened areas in some of the furniture and over the grilled ceiling lamp. I haven't found yet how to get rid of them without having to increase lighting so much.

So if a good samaritan can modify my file and tell me what he did I could learn a lot just by looking at it.

Sketchup file:

Thank you all! :D

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Re: WIP Office Floor / Techniques to improve my model

Post by AdamB » Wed Aug 27, 2014 4:33 pm

These look excellent!

The black marks you're seeing look to be 'Resolution' issues. This can occur if the lighting resolution you set is much bigger than the geometry details you're trying to light - the lighting steps right over the small details.

You can resolve this 2 ways:

1. Increase resolution in Preferences. Definitely worth reading the Getting Started docs which explain Resolution and how it works.

2. For elements that have lots of little details, it can be better to switch to 'VertexLit' mode for those items. See this: http://www.light-up.co.uk/index.php?t=story&p=146
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