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Post by marchab » Thu Aug 14, 2008 2:34 pm

Hi Adam,
I'm having fun exploring LU.
And other SU plugins, one of them is SU Animate.
As you know moving the camera in SU is rather simple. So walk-thru and fly-by is not hard to do. And they look a lot better thanks to LU.
The next step toward animation would be objects displacement. SU Animate does that. Well ... it actually fakes it by copying an object along a path and recording a scene for each step, hiding the copies of the previous steps.

So would it be possible to have some kind of LU batch processing that could render each scene taking into account the visibility of objects. That would be usefull not only for animation but for study of alternatives also.
Of course I know that would take a lot more time to render, but one can manage.
(I can post a sample model if you wish)
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