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Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:55 am
by icekarim

This is maybe the best word I can use to describe my actual state.

1/ Hardware issue
I've been using a Space pilot pro with lightup player with no problem until now.
But, having installed a new laptop, I for sure, installed the latest Ligtup Player
My Space Pilot wont work any more.
Lost a lot of energy to understand whether it was the latest release of the driver or the latest release of Lightup....
Lightup in fact.
version (build 7962) works fine, the new release doesn't work at all !

2/ Lightup web browser plug in
No news of any future release !
Still waiting, and for the moment using sketchup's export video on youtube !!!

3/ Lightup Player on ipad
Still this https restriction and no way to access http links to luca files.
Can't convert my free web site to https....

Could you please at least answer this request ?