DMX/ArtNet lighting control support

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DMX/ArtNet lighting control support

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I think it will not be bad to have possibility to control the lighting with some standard protocol.

Let's say for lighting designers this would be a very important feature as we would have possibility to stick to one software
solution and have much more possibilities.

If we talk about intelligent architectural lighting or media facades etc etc it would be good to have possibility to control
the lighting. At this moment there are lots of visualization software products that give this possibility, but they are poor
in terms of materials, rendering and ease of use and usually are very resource hungry or do not support powerful hardware.

Let's take an exact case in which it would be useful:

If i make a facade of the building where i need to design architectural lighting part, I would make a model in Sketchup, and with help of Lightup i would put all the light sources (IES) and have a very good visual result which would have static lighting.

Later i need to copy this model to a lighting design software, and make all the color changing and scenary things and make
a video presentation of what will lighting do, but with much poorer vizualization, materials, textures and so on.

So in the end i have 2 different video presentations, one is with static lighting and nice rendering, another is with controllable lighting and dynamic scenes but with poor render.

There is one standard protocol (DMX-512) which is used for lighting control. Its used in entertainment industry as well as in architectural lighting control. Its a hardware based protocol which is not usable in home/office environment without extra equipment. But also there is another protocol called Art-Net which carries DMX512 over ethernet.

Theoretically it should not be hard to implement this feature, which could even cost extra and be very useful for lots of
lighting guys. Actually everything is already in LightUp, just an interface needs to be implemented.

Actually what happens, Let's say we have a 3rd part lighting control (usually free from manufacturers) or a lighting control hardware which both can generate ArtNet. We have this in the same network as our PC with Sketchup+Lightup. We have possibility for each lighting source in LightUp to be given a DMX address and parameters. Let's say we have 1 lighting source which is an RGB light and has 4 parameters which are RED intensity, GREEN intensity, BLUE intensity and DIMMER. This source has 4 DMX channels, 1 through 4 for example, and each channel controls its dedicated parameter from 0 to 255. So from a lighting desk through ethernet i can send these parameters which should be captured in live by LightUp and should be transfered to actual fixtures. So when i set BLUE to 255 from the desk in Lightup in realtime i get my light source become blue and so on.

Again, technically this should not be something extraordinarily hard thing to do. Actually LightUp already has all the necessary possibilities for that, i believe its just a matter of interfacing ArtNet protocol with actual processes in LightUp.

As a future possible implementations in this direction, I would also add support for Video textures, Let's say i have a screen where i can mount actual video, and another future development in this direction would be adding DMX conrollable moving lights with gobos, prisms etc, It could become an excellent product which could easily compete with software solutions like LightConverse, Cast Software WYSIWYG and so on.

If any questions or comments i will be happy to reply, as i think i did not explain everything quite well.

Thans for reading! :)
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Re: DMX/ArtNet lighting control support

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I have been testing the demo version 2 days, If this feature is implemented I would buy it immediately!
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