camera clipping plane

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camera clipping plane

Post by bronto » Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:12 am

Hi Adam, hi all,

a customer who's working with sketchup in the interior design business asked me, if it was possible to
get a kind of camera clipping effect. He used to use this feature a lot in his previous software.
He wants to be able to just crop everything that is behind the active camera.
I adviced him to employ the section feature in conjunction with prepared scenes, but he would like
to use it 'on the fly', while moving the camera around in the scene.
Just imagine a very narrow kitchen. I guess everyone has some experience in that it is allways
hard to get nice realistically looking perspectives in narrow rooms.
As I searched for a plugin, I came across some rendersoftware-packages that advertise this feature,
like maxwell for sketchup and others.

I made some experiments with sketchup 'advanced camera tools' and tried to so to speak
mount a section plane right on the lense and then reverse its direction.
But that didn't work at all :/

So - wouldn't this be a nice (toogle) feature for lightup?

Best and thx in advance


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Re: camera clipping plane

Post by AdamB » Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:52 pm

Good suggestion - will have a think about it

As to viewing narrow spaces, one trick is to paint the outer surfaces with a transparent material so you can "in" with the camera outside the room.
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