embedding IES data in .skp file

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embedding IES data in .skp file

Post by didier.geirnaert » Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:08 am

Hi Adam,
we'll never say enough what a genius you are ! I use Lightup for exhibition design (client review), it's a gigantic help !
Her is my wish: is it possible to embed the IES data directly into the file instead of reffering to a local library ?
Maybe I missed something but I have the impression that when I move my IES file (happens when back-upping), the links to the model are broken.
And... another wild wish: how about a SoundUP, ever thougt about it ?

Kind Regards

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Re: embedding IES data in .skp file

Post by AdamB » Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:30 am

[Thanks for compliments, appreciate it]

When searching for external resources, LightUp checks the original filepath and if cannot find what its looking for, it searches in the folder the .skp is stored.

For Skybox and textures, it looks in "/Textures"
For IES lights, it looks in "/Lights"

So if you skp file is stored in /Users/adam/project1/model.skp, you can copy the IES assets to a folder /Users/adam/project1/Lights, then you can then just copy "project1" and the links will work.

What LightUp does not currently do, is locate and copy all the IES files from their original location to these local folders (sometimes called "packing up").

re:Sound. Yes, I built something like this sometime ago to allow placing of audio sources in your model but it isn't finished.. Thanks for the feedback.

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