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Web Player and Standard Templates

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:17 pm
by kingsi
Hi Adam

I appreciate the more web savy, programmer types here do not share my proposal, but is it possible to have templates available that are customisable by us to be used for webviewing, client presentations etc etc. I for one would be very happy to spend some money on a template that I could add pictures, colours, fonts and my own logo to with a choice of function buttons for movement, sun location.

The demands of my customers within the building industry is getting worse lol. They used to be happy with a couple of line drawings. These days they want to wander about a 3D world complaining about my choice of wallpaper whilst listening to Vivaldi with their clients.

I am pretty sure such an extra would provoke Architects to switch to Lightup from other standard renderers.

Using Lightup today for a project and I am still shocked by how good it is. I will send you some pictures when they are finished.

Thanks Adam

Re: Web Player and Standard Templates

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:02 pm
by AdamB
Certainly interested in figuring out how to make the process of building a custom webpage with LightUp webplayer less "techie".

The broad area of "authoring webpages" is pretty enormous, so figuring out an engineering-efficient solution is the key.

The LightUp hosted webpage on the website: ... A_FILE_URL}

was a stab at this, but it needs more customisation.
kingsi wrote:Using Lightup today for a project and I am still shocked by how good it is.
That certainly made my day!


Re: Web Player and Standard Templates

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 7:53 am
by kingsi
Hi Adam

Having given it some more thought :idea: I was thinking the easiest way to have a template system is to offer say 3 flash player styles with xml controls. We joe public download the master flash SWF with the control xml and some button images. The xml has a bunch of flash commands with TRUE/FALSE triggers that allow the user to add functionality by simply saying TRUE=I want sun shade, FALSE=I don't collision (just guessing lol) . We can then swap images (buttons) to personalise further for the more creative photoshop type users.

There are some really good Flash website programmers that are cheap as chips to hire especially our brothers and sisters in China ;)

If you managed to get some kind of template system in place that had high functionality and design flexibility I would not hesitate in getting the wallet out.