Customisable Controls! and scenes more obvious in player

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Customisable Controls! and scenes more obvious in player

Post by christopherb2k » Mon May 14, 2012 2:11 pm

Ive been thinking, in conjuction with feedback from my clients, many of whom are 'jo bloggs' public and some of which are of an older era, how can light-up be made easier to navigate for those who have not used 'gaming style' software before? Issues with the 'patting the head, rubbing the belly' current format as one of my clients put it is definitiely a consistent theme across the board. With a moderate amount of gaming experience and other modelling packages, I obviosuly had no trouble adapting to light-ups controls, however after trying demo's of lots of 3D software I realised there could be easier methods for those who are not familiar with using one hand to press buttons and the other hand to move a mouse and click...

So...when using lightup as a designer within sketchup I think the controls are fine. Anyone with 3D software experience should have no reason to find lightup difficult to use - the designer is the only person interacting and obviously you need to be able to navigate and click on materials etc.. in order to set preferences for certain things... So no changes there.
HOWEVER... When you export to player (as .luca file) it would be great if there was a section within the player that would allow you to customise how you wanted to navigate. i.e choose the controls and set keys to the choices you want.
Hvaing said that....I personally think the ideal way would be:
left click = forward
right click = backward
move mouse in preferred direction of travel...Simple
This way there would be no need to co-ordinate two hands if you weren't familiar with this style of navigation. Scene tabs could then be moved to a permanent list accross the top (like they are when you are in sketchup) or down the side so users can navigate to positions within the model as they choose. (P.S I think this would be a great method for scene selection whether you choose to change the control navigations or not)

Alternatively if the mouse cannot control all the action, use A and D as turning controls rather than strafe controls. This way, again the user would not have to worry about using both hands on the keyboard + mouse in sync.... Addidionally this would be great for those clients whom only use a laptop and have no external mouse. They cannot navigate using the silly pad thing in the middle of the keyboard so arrow keys only would be great. then Q and E could be used to strafe. (although I appreciate most people these days even with a laptop generally have a mouse, but its an interesting idea)

What do you think adam?
Anybody else encountered these problems?

Many Thanks


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Re: Customisable Controls! and scenes more obvious in player

Post by AdamB » Wed May 16, 2012 8:41 am

All good suggestions. Thanks
Developer of LightUp

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