LightUp v6

Mozilla/Firefox WebPlayer

Mozilla Firefox support now available.
The LightUp Web Player can be embedded in your own web pages and be controlled using a simple Javascript API. so there are limitless possibilities of mixing lit realtime models and regular web pages.

LightUp Player (.luca) files can embed all your SketchUp Scenes, all your LightUp settings too. From camera motion, the post processing Bloom, Depth of Field, Vignettes etc

Press mouse button over image and drag to move camera. Use the arrow keys (or WASD) to move around the model.

Or try clicking on the watermark.

The LightUp Web Player is a free download that complements the standalone LightUp Player. Once you have LightUp Web Player installed in your browser, you can view .luca files directly in your browser. Just navigate to where you have .luca files stored - below are some examples.