LightUp v6

LightUp v1.10a has landed

Lots of new features and fixes.
See here for details.
  • - New Material attribute "Shadow Catcher" for creating realistic dropshadows on your skybox background
    - New control to set Fresnel color on materials, so color can change based on viewing angle.
    - New Ambient Occlusion shader supports color bleeding between surfaces
    - Being able to set "Autoplay" on exported LightUp Player files
    - Automatic triggering of Scene animation during Movie recording
    - Realtime rotation of Skybox in Tourtool (Alt+Drag left/right)
    - Added ability change FOV while inside Tourtool (Alt+Drag up/down)
    - Added show Cropping for standard ratios while inside Tourtool, to allow accurate framing
    - Added Bloom cutoff for better control of bloom
    - Honors "Use Hidden" for IrrCache also
    - Reads VTF texture file format
    - Fixes for stability of IES photometric light file handling
    - Fixed IES light aiming when embedded in Components and/or scaled.
    - Light aiming uses SketchUp inferencing
    - Improved Rayleigh sunlight model
    - Fixed problem of resetting bumpmap files on materials
    - Fixed problem of getting dark marks on some surfaces
    - Reduced noise in Ambient Occlusion shading
    - Fixed problem with binding wrong Irrcaches
    - Fixed reading of different skybox formats
    - Fixed problem with handling skinny faces
    - Fixed UV animation on shiney surfaces
    - Fixed FBX export handling of empty Groups
    - Improved Bloom cutoff algorithm
    - Fixed text input in dialogs jumping cursor to end of text
    - Much better IBL sampling quality
    - Better load balancing on multiple threads
    - Allow larger HDR skybox generation