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Try LightUp plugin for SketchUp free for 30 days
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LightUp Player: What is it?

LightUp can add lighting to your SketchUp model and view the results all inside Google SketchUp. However, sometimes it's useful to be able to send it to others (who don't have SketchUp and/or LightUp) the results of your work. LightUp can now export to a single file containing lighting that can given to others.

LightUp Player is provided as a small standalone Application (for Macintosh and PC) that can read .luca files created inside LightUp. These .luca files contain all your geometry and textures along with the lighting created by LightUp. Users of LightUp Player can double click these files to launch the view and move around to examine your work. The Player features:

  • - Simple onscreen instructions
  • - Fullscreen mode
  • - All your Scenes setup in SketchUp
  • - Normal, Lighting-only and No-lighting modes
  • - LightUp Tourtool smooth navigation
  • - Requires OpenGL support

Get LightUp Player here. Its FREE!

LightUp Player for Windows
LightUp Player for Macintosh
LightUp Player for iPad/iPhone
LightUp Player for Android

Download some sample LightUp Player files to try. (Click on the thumbnails below)