LightUp v6

About Us

Starting in 2008, the motivation for LightUp grew out of the desire to bring together the fast workflow of Google SketchUp (now Trimble SketchUp), with cutting-edge realtime lighting technology. With all this working within the SketchUp Window with familiar SketchUp Tools. The key focus is fast workflow, simple to use, high quality realtime lighting.

Today, LightUp is used widely in:
  • Interior design / Set design
  • Movie pre-production and production
  • Video game asset creation
  • Solar analysis

The main developer of LightUp is Adam Billyard who has been involved in 3D graphics for over 25 years. Prior to starting LightUp, Adam was co-founder of Criterion Software which revolutionized aspects of the video games industry production process. He has been involved in video game development for many years - his first published game was with Atari in 1983.

LightUp is developed in Brighton, UK which is on the sunny south coast of England - no really, we do get some sun!

Here is an online biography of stuff I've been involved in: Wikitia: Adam Billyard